Difference between Red & Golden King Crab

When it comes to King Crab, there’s one thing you can count on, regardless of the color — it’s going to be delicious. However, while the shade of the shell doesn’t change the mouthwatering factor, there are some crucial distinctions between Red and Golden King Crab that are helpful to know when planning your next crab feast.


Red King Crab

While alive, their shells are a rich burgundy color, but when cooked, they take on the bright red hue. Most commonly sourced in shallow, warmer waters. They tend to be larger than Golden King Crabs and pack more meat into their famous legs. Their flavor is also often described as the richest of all the King Crab varieties.


Golden King Crab

Generally smaller than their red counterparts and can be found all throughout the Pacific Ocean. Golden King Crab legs are still a feast in their own right. Plus, since they’re more widely available and milder in flavor, Golden King Crab legs & claws tend to be slightly lower in price, so they’re perfect for the budget-conscious crab lover.